Spainsif is a nonprofit association, founded by 32 organizations interested in promoting the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI onwards) in Spain, creating a platform that integrates financial institutions, management companies, SRI service providers, nonprofit organizations linked to the SRI and unions.

The association aims to be a platform to meet, generate and disseminate knowledge on Socially Responsible Investing, as well as to promote and awareness on changes in the investment process and the investment community,  such as governments, businesses and the public in general. STRATEGIC PLAN



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Sección en la que se incluyen todos los eventos, presentaciones y resumenes relacionados con la Semana de la ISR 2014, que realizamos en Spainsif entre los días 23 de junio y 8 de julio. 

Noticias en prensa relacionadas con la Semana de la ISR 2014