Foro de Inversión Sostenible de España

Eurozona Spainsif

Plan de Acción en Finanzas Sostenibles de la Comisión Europea


Taxonomía: Informe Final del Grupo de Expertos en Finanzas Sostenibles

Anexo Técnico del Informe Final sobre Taxonomía UE

Technical Report: Excel tool

Estándar de Bono Verde Europeo

Captura de pantalla 2020-04-20 a las 15.56.16

Estándar de Bono Verde Europeo: Informe Final del Grupo de Expertos en Finanzas Sostenibles

Estándar de Bono Verde Europeo: guía de uso

Índices de Referencia Climáticos

Captura de pantalla 2020-04-20 a las 16.08.07

Índices de Referencia Climáticos y Divulgación de Información ASG: Informe Final del Grupo de Expertos en Finanzas Sostenibles

Captura de pantalla 2020-04-21 a las 10.06.07

Índices de Referencia Climáticos: guía de uso

Reglamento (UE) 2019/2089 relativo a los indices de referencia climáticos


COM (2019) 640 – Comunicación de la Comisión al Parlamento Europeo, al Consejo Europeo, al Consejo, al Banco Central Europeo, al Comité Económico y Social Europeo y al Comité de las Regiones

El Pacto Verde Europeo

La Transición Justa: Asegurándonos que no dejamos a nadie atrás

Acuerdo de París

Reglamento (UE) 2019/2088 sobre la divulgacion  de información relativa a la sostenibilidad en el sector de los servicios financieros

Acuerdo entre el Gobierno del Reino de España y la Secretaría de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, el Protocolo de Kioto y el Acuerdo de París, hecho en Madrid y Bonn el 25 de noviembre de 2019

Invirtiendo en una economía circular y neutra con el clima

COM(2018) 97 – Comunicación de la Comisión al Parlamento Europeo, al Consejo Europeo, al Consejo, al Banco Central Europeo, al Comité Económico y Social Europeo y al Comité de las Regiones

Plan de Acción: Financiar el desarrollo sostenible

Proyectos de la UE para una economía verde

Agencias Supervisoras

ESMA: Guía sobre los requerimientos en la divulgación de información en materia ASG aplicable a las agencias de calificación

EBA: Plan de Acción en Finanzas Sostenibles de la Autoridad Bancaria Europea

ESMA: Informe sobre cortoplacismos indebidos en el mercado de valores

ESMA: Orientación Estratégica para el periodo 2020 – 2022

EIOPA: Informe técnico sobre la integración de los riesgos y factores de sostenibilidad en los actos delegados de Solvencia II e IDD

Asociaciones Europeas

Estudio Europeo de la ISR hecho por Eurosif (2018)

Enlaces de interés

Noticias de última hora

Delighted to welcome #Bulgaria and #Croatia as members of ERM2, an important milestone on the road to adopting the euro as their national currency 👉🏻

#ECOFIN ministers took stock of:

➡️ implementation of #COVID19 safety nets: SURE, @ESM_Press pandemic crisis support & @EIB pan-European guarantee fund
➡️ @ecb & @EU_Commission euro convergence reports

They also discussed priorities for the capital markets union.

More info 👇

A green economy can:

⛑️Address the root causes of diseases like #COVID-19

👩‍💼Stimulate jobs & income

🌍Help achieve the #SDGs.

Join an expert discussion led by @_un_page on Monday 13 July at 14h CET #HLPF2020👉

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The German Presidency of the @EUCouncil has kicked off.
On the agenda:
✅ Economic and social recovery from the #coronavirus
✅ Stronger & more innovative Europe
✅ Fair Europe
✅ Sustainable Europe
✅ Europe of security and common values
✅ Strong Europe in the world

Climate change remains a reality. Our work to become the first climate-neutral continent continues. 🌲

For regular news and updates on the #EUGreenDeal, follow our list 👇

What is energy system integration?
Does our new strategy help reach the goals of the #EUGreenDeal?
Find out more about our plans for the energy system of the future in our Q&A →!bC94RU

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#EBA updated the list of correlated #currencies, originally published in December 2013. The list is part of the ITS drafted for the purposes of calculating #capital requirements for foreign-exchange risk according to the standardised rules.

🗞️More here👉!WC68fN

📤Phase 2 of #EBA technical package on #reporting framework 2.10 is out.
The package provides technical tools & specifications for the implementation of EBA reporting requirements:
🔹validation rules
🔸Data Point Model (DPM) dictionary
🔹XBRL taxonomies!DU88bY

💼Are you working on #securitisation and/or #SustainableFinance🌱?

Good news! The application deadline for the #EBA position of a Policy Expert (Seconded National Expert) has been extended to 13 August at 12:00 CET

ℹ️Find all the details here👉!Kk97VG

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The Pan-European Guarantee Fund is now ready to be operational➡️#EU Member States have signed contribution agreements accounting for at least 60% of EIB capital. The fund is a timely & targeted response to the urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of #SMEs affected by #COVID19

EIB VP Fayolle joins @gisbarbados, @OECD, @gobipartners, @asianpeoplesmvt panelists at @UN #HLPF2020 to discuss how to align public & private finance with the #SDGs 2030 Agenda while helping economies recover from #COVID19.
#WatchLive at 3PM CET 👇

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🚚 Parliament has approved new rules for road transport to improve drivers working conditions and fight illegal practices. What will change? Find out in our video ⬇️

President David Sassoli will set out Parliament’s position on the EU's next long-term budget at an EU summit on Friday. Find out what else is coming up in Parliament →

On World Population Day, have a look at the first-ever report on the demographic changes and trends across Europe and check how your country is performing →

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The goals of our recovery strategy can be summarised in three words:

➡️ Convergence
➡️ Resilience
➡️ Transformation

Concretely, this means:

➡️ Repairing the damage caused by #COVID19
➡️ Reforming our economies
➡️ Remodelling our societies

#recoveryplan #MFF

📢Interested in joining #EIOPA on secondment?
We're looking for Experts in:
👉institutional relations,
👉risks and financial stability,
👉consumer protection
➡️Apply before 17 August!Vj63Qu

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At @EIF_EU we value #inclusiveness in all of its forms. ☝️👇🏽 Over the past year we’ve joined the supporting community of http://Included.VC providing knowledge and access to the world of #venturecapital for individuals from diverse communities. Check

At least 70% of institutional #investors in our recent sentiment survey think that the pandemic will continue to have a long-lasting impact on their #investment activity. Only 5% expect no changes following #covid19.

More results on #VC and #PE:

How will digitalisation change the financial sector? What's in it for business and customers? Experts like @EIF_EU CEO Alain Godard share on Friday their vision on #DigitalFinance! @EIB @EBFeu @InsuranceEurope @EBA_News @minnatech

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Council of Europe Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić on the 25th anniversary of the genocide in #Srebrenica: Remembrance serves to honour the victims and as a motivation for each of us to do all we can to prevent such atrocities from happening again

Today @VeniceComm launches its Observatory on emergency situations – most recent information by country and topic on emergency powers, relevant mechanisms of parliamentary and judicial oversight and electoral experiences.

Learn more -

Council of Europe publishes new facts on effective investigations into death or ill-treatment by security forces based on #ECHR case law

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Updated ✅ #ESMA Opinion on ancillary activity calculations ▶️ estimation of the market size of commodity #derivatives and emission allowances for 2019.

▪️ the guidance will contribute to the consistency of supervisory practices + uniform approach in 🇪🇺!VH78Rd

🔴 LIVE NOW: press conference on the proposal for #MFF and #recoveryplan

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