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3 Year Anniversary of the SDGs: How Investors Are Measuring Impact

HORA: 15:00

Three years ago, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global call to action for positive change. Ever since, the global investment community has become increasingly eager to achieve some kind of “SDG alignment”.

Near the anniversary of the establishment of the SDGs, this RI/ISS-ESG webinar provides an overview of how impact investing connects to the SDGs, and how investors are measuring effectiveness.

– What drives investors to choose the SDGs as a framework for investing and how are they approaching this?

– What tools are available to identify and measure companies’ contributing to the SDGs? Should SDG investments be focusing on products & services or on companies’ operations?

– What are the challenges to investing in the SDGs? Are the SDG even investable in mainstream investment, given the fact that many of the SDGs and targeting problems in emerging markets that are probably rather solved by modest projects rather than large listed corporates?

– Is there a risk of SDG-washing and sticking SDG labels on existing mainstream investments? How can this be prevented?