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Sustainable Investment In Action: Call for projects message

HORA: 19:00
LUGAR: París, París

“The submission date has been extended until end of 2020”

“All submission costs have been waived”

The contest for the SIA Awards is starting now ! SIA was created to bring recognition, commitment and financial support for ESG projects with high impact, conducted by investors, to encourage new initiatives.

Is your company:

  • Leading concrete projects to tackle ESG issues
  • Focusing on actions not reporting and box ticking
  • Setting an example that others could follow?


SIA wants to acknowledge the impact of what you have done so that your example will inspire others.


An eligible project must to have been running for a minimum of one year and fulfill stringent criteria of #Impact #Involvement #Replicability

Awards will be presented during conference and award ceremony in Paris on May 2021, attended by investors, media and influencers.  This is a unique opportunity to engage a new audience with the impact of your project.