Foro de Inversión Sostenible de España

Sustainable Finance III: The S&P global corporate sustainability assessment (CSA) as a powerful ESG managing tool and basis of numerous ESG indices.

HORA: 16:30

DATE: March 17, 16:30 to 17:45 CET
VENUE: Virtual Room


We kick off the year with a new webinar following our successful series of “Sustainable Finance” events.
The S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook showcasing the sustainability performance of the world’s largest
companies has been recently released, so it will be a great moment to discuss:
• Are CEOs as concerned as we hear about their position in the S&P Global CSA?
• The pros and cons of one of the world’s leading sustainability assessment methodologies, the CSA
• The questionnaire’s obstacles around transparency
• CSA: an ESG management tool or just another ESG seal for Investor Relations and ESG reports?
• The CSA and increasing regulation in ESG (NFRD, SFDR, Taxonomy, SRDII, etc.)
• Where is ESG performance used today when taking investment decisions?
• How can smaller companies use it in order to become more ESG eligible?
Join global leaders in sustainability from the banking sector (Bancolombia); oil & gas storage and
transportation sector (Enagas); pool equipment sector (Fluidra); and a Director from S&P with more than
a decade of experience with the CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment).


Investor Relations Department, Sustainability, Capital Markets, CFOs, Strategy

SPEAKERS:Jorge Alberto Arango Espinosa. VP of Asset Management, Bancolombia
José Miguel Tudela. Head of Sustainability, ENAGAS
Cristina del Castillo. Director of IR & Shareholders, Fluidra
Jvan Gaffuri. Director, Senior Manager ESG Benchmarking, S&P Global
Javier Núñez. Business Development Manager, S&P Global
Tomás Conde. ESG Senior Advisor, AERI (Moderator)