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Upcoming ESRA Online Course in English

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The Environmental & Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) Online Course provides in-depth and personalised training. Tutors engage with participants online on a daily basis, providing guidance and facilitating debates. Participants are involved in a range of activities, from simulating implementation of environmental and social policies and guidelines and analysing case studies, to carrying out exercises based on your own clients’ environmental and social impacts. We have trained around 6,000 participants from 125 countries in our ESRA Training Programme (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese) since 2005. 


• Recognise environmental and social risks derived from your clients’ activities.
• Analyse the environment in which your clients operate so you are able to detect the environmental and social risks involved in their activities.
• Identify, offset and evaluate environmental and social risks taken by your clients.
• Improve your current risk management procedures.
• Institutionalise environmental risk analysis in your operations.
• Identify and understand market opportunities resulting from environmental and social risk analysis.
• Achieve a competitive advantage through risk reduction and value creation.

The Upcoming ESRA Online Course in English will be offered from 11 to 29 March

Target audience: Risk managers and analysts in commercial, corporate, investment and retail banking in or dealing with developing countries and emerging markets.

A limited number of places are also available for representatives from relevant stakeholder audiences including: supervisory/regulatory bodies, banking associations, government agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and civil society organisations involved in finance and sustainability issues.

Duration: Three weeks.

Time commitment: Two hours/day on average, Monday to Friday.

Timetable: Flexible, participants to set their own study times.

Please click here to find more detailed information and click here to register for the course since this is filling up quickly.