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Sustainalytics Webinar: Child Labor in Cocoa thematic engagement

HORA: 16:00

As part of their Stewardship & Risk Engagement service, Sustainalytics is launching a new thematic engagement focused on child labor in cocoa


Two million children work in the cocoa supply chain in West Africa. Portfolio companies linked to child labor represent a reputational risk for both themselves and their shareholders. This engagement focuses on eradicating child labor in cocoa and thus contributes to SDG 8, which targets the elimination of child labor by 2025. Challenges and solutions, such as a living income for cocoa-growing farmers and building childrens’ rights-centered social services in cocoa-growing communities, will be discussed.

Through this webinar investors can:

  • Understand how to contribute to addressing this salient human rights issue
  • Understand why child labor is both a material and reputation risk to investee companies and portfolios
  • Get inspired by current initiatives in the cocoa sector to address salient supply chain issues