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Webinar: Integrating ESG into your passive strategy

HORA: 15:00
About this webinar
This webinar will discuss ESG integration into passive investing and smart beta strategies. The world of index-based investing is in flux as ESG integration into passive is on course to become the norm for new mandates as we enter the era of “Smart Sustainability”.

• The why – rationale from major asset owners on integrating ESG into passive strategies
• Global developments – ESG, sustainability metrics and indexes
• Smart Sustainability – bringing together ESG with smart beta factors
• The challenges – corporate disclosure and access to data
• Corporate engagement – passive funds/indexes driving changes in corporate behavior
• The action and implementation – the pension fund perspective
• Live Q&A with the audience members

David Harris, Head of Sustainable Investment, FTSE Russell
Mark Thompson, CIO, HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme
Maurice Versaevel, Investment Strategist, PGGM
Moderated by Daniel Brooksbank, Editor,

This webinar is in partnership with FTSE Russell