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‘DWS ESG TALKS’ webinar series


DWS Launches a Weekly Webinar Series on ESG Trends and Challenges.

Please join ‘DWS ESG TALKS’ webinar series on BrightTALK,  every week, where Michael Lewis, Head of ESG Thematic Research, will be discussing the current issues impacting ESG. He will be joined by DWS ESG experts across the platform incorporating all asset classes and business lines.

«How best to assess asset managers’ ESG credentials»

Thursday, 16th July

09:30 am


In this week’s call, Michael will be joined by Wan Huang, Investment Specialist at DWS. Together, they will discuss their new research paper “How best to assess asset managers’ credentials when it comes to ESG”. They will identify the typical metrics used by asset managers to showcase their ESG capabilities. The authors will reveal how best to interpret ESG KPIs since many can are manipulated and how, with improved reporting frameworks and enhanced external scrutiny, less greenwashing and more transparency should emerge.

_ ESG KPIs and their pitfalls
_Simplifying the myriad of ESG reporting frameworks
_How best to measure ESG progress

_ Michael Lewis, Head of ESG Thematic Research, DWS
_Wan Huang, Investment Specialist, DWS


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