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Pension plans with impact. Long-term savings think...

Pension plans with impact. Long-term savings thinking of everyone’s future

Within Spainsif’s cycle of business breakfasts, the presentation ‘Pension plans with impact. Long-term savings thinking of everyone’s future’ was held on Tuesday, May 30, promoted by Triodos Bank.

Javier Garayoa, Managing Director of Spainsif, welcomed the event and thanked the presence and contribution of the speakers, as well as the reception of the act by UNED, encouraging attendees to participate actively.

During the event, Rubén Puga, Director of Personal Banking at Triodos Bank and Alberto Estefanía, Vida Grandes Cuentas specialist at Caser (More information -Spanish-), explained the operation of their new product, a pension plan managed under ESG criteria.

In this type of pension plans, there is an economic return as well as a quantifiable impact return, since the clients’ money finances projects that improve society, the environment and promotes responsible practices in the business network. In addition, the client has access to the impacts generated by their money, since it is managed with a transparent banking model.


For a more sustainable financial system

Banking products and services managed under ESG criteria promote the renewal of the financial system since they offer customers the possibility of making a responsible use of their money by providing value to future generations.

Pension plans with environmental and social impact govern their investments under ESG criteria, such as the choice of best-in-class companies that integrate sustainable activities and the exclusion of companies that do not comply with the aforementioned standards, such as weapons, tobacco or fossils fuels producers. These products seek sustainable long-term profitability, while maintaining stable volatility, which they achieve by including ESG criteria in their investment decisions.


Triodos Fixed Income Plan

Triodos Bank and Caser, founding partners of Spainsif, have joined their knowledge and experience to create a financial product with quantifiable social and environmental impact: the Triodos Fixed Income Plan, a pension fund whose profitability goal is to exceed the average reference of the category following ESG criteria.

80% of the fund is invested in green bonds, sovereign bonds and corporate bonds, according to ESG criteria, in order to control the risk. The remaining 20% is invested in Triodos Bank SRI and impact funds, whose portfolios are composed by listed companies of medium or small capitalization worldwide, leaders in renewable energy production, environmental technology, organic production, health technology, microfinances and pioneering companies in corporate social responsibility. (More information -Spanish-).