Presentation of the new website - Spainsif
Foro de Inversión Sostenible de España

Presentation of the new website

Spainsif presents the largest platform of investment funds with sustainable criteria to facilitate the comparison between thousands of alternatives.

The new platform is unique in the global collective investment industry by incorporating the comparison of over 8,000 ESG funds with the VDOS-MSCI methodology and more than 10,000 Morningstar funds with its sustainability rating.

“The investment fund industry with ESG criteria has a broad potential for growth, as it contributes to investor value in the medium and long term and strengthens the risks analysis” said Jaime Silos, president of Spainsif.

“With this platform, we want to show that today, any savings or investor can not only make responsible investment, but also create more efficient portfolios from a financial point of view”, added Jaime Silos.

“This platform will help investors to incorporate ESG analysis into investment decision making with clear and simple information”, said Enrique Velázquez, managing partner of VDOS.
“Through the use of the Morningstar Sustainability Rating, Spainsif members can independently assess whether an ISR fund is fulfilling its mandate by investing in companies that apply the best sustainability practices”, commented Monica Muñoz, sales director at Morningstar.

The website of Spainsif ( is renewed to reinforce itself as the meeting point of the Socially Responsible Investment in Spain.