Spainsif Annual Meeting 2017 - Spainsif
Foro de Inversión Sostenible de España

Spainsif Annual Meeting 2017

Spainsif celebrates its Annual Meeting presenting its proposal for a transparent SRI and renews its governing bodies.

Spainsif, the Sustainable Investment Forum of Spain, held yesterday its Annual Meeting, in which it approved the document that includes a series of criteria that, according to the opinion of the Association, an SRI polity should consider in a financial product, as well as the requirements of additional information to include.

Spainsif’s proposal for transparent SRI (Spanish)

The composition of the Board of Directors has been renewed in the Annual Meeting, continuing with Forética’s presidency, represented by Mr. Jaime Silos, and assuming Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, Fonditel, Instituto de Empresa B.S., Ocopen and Comisiones Obreras the vice presidencies of Spainsif’s five groups.

On June 19, at the Julián Besteiro School of UGT in Madrid, Spainsif’s Annual Meeting was held, and it included, among other items on the agenda, the approval of Spainsif’s proposal for a transparent SRI and the renewal of the governing bodies.

The Board  is formed by:

Presidency: Forética.

Treasurer: Instituto de Empresa B.S.

Secreaty: Director of Spainsif.

Group 1

Vicepresidency: Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.

Member: Bankia. Member: ICO.

Group 2

Vicepresidency: Fonditel.

Member: Ética Patrimonios. Member: Tressis.

Group 3

Vicepresidency: Instituto de Empresa B.S.

Member: CPPS. Member: Deusto B.S.

Group 4

Vicepresidency: Ocopen.

Member: Creas. Member: Fundación ISIS.

Group 5

Vicepresidency: CCOO

Member: UGT. Member: UGT.

Other relevant aspects

Spainsif’s proposal for a transparent SRI was structured in several sections that aim to orient the global vision that the Association has on this topic. First, the basic premises have been considered (from where we have to start); subsequently, the information criteria that a SRI product should include and, finally, other additional criteria considered of interest and which, probably in the coming years, will be key aspects of SRI, were developed.

The General Meeting highlighted the result of the objectives of the strategic plan, which is in the middle of its period of validity and already surpasses the initial forecasts, pointing to new development opportunities in future strategic decisions of the Association, as well as the increase in the number of associates, that already reaches 60 members.